While a well-constructed roof can last for years, nature’s elements gradually cause it to deteriorate over time. That’s just one of the reasons why roof inspections are so important. Your roof protects the rest of your home from the elements. If it becomes damaged, leaks and other damage can occur. Whether you’ve been in your home for years or have just moved in, here are the top reasons to get a roof inspection.

Discover Damage

When dealing with roof damage, it’s important to catch problems as early as possible. If you don’t take action promptly, a seemingly minor problem will eventually become a major headache. Even a few missing shingles can dramatically impact the roof’s longevity. Furthermore, damage makes your home far more likely to be targeted by destructive pests like termites. The trained eye of an experienced roofer enables them to quickly pinpoint areas of weakness. By getting your roof inspected by a professional, you’ll be able to enjoy extra peace of mind.

Detect Undetermined Leaks

Although your roof may appear to be in good condition, it could still have an undetected leak. The last thing you want is to be unprepared for rainy weather. Remember, a leak can damage plenty of other structures inside your home. Excess moisture can also promote the growth of mold, which is a major health concern. Don’t hesitate to get a professional roof inspection. By promptly repairing any leaks, you’ll be able to save a lot of money in the long run.

Free Quotes

As a homeowner, getting a roof inspection is among the best financial decisions you can make. Professional roofing companies provide free quotes on any service or repairs that may be needed before they become a larger problem. After the inspection has been completed, you’ll then know the true condition of your roof. The best part is you’re under no obligation to buy anything.

Advice on Which Roofing Materials to Use

With the roof being such an important feature of your home, you never want to take any chances on an amateur. Nothing beats having access to expert advice. A professional roofer can recommend the best materials to use. From slate to asphalt to metal roofing, there are dozens of roofing options to choose from. The roofer can tell you the pros and cons of each material.

Insurance May Cover Storm Damage

A storm is a powerful force of nature that doesn’t have any empathy for its victims. Every year, thousands of homes are seriously damaged by strong weather. Fortunately, insurance often covers the damage. Among the first steps to filing an insurance claim is contacting a reputable roofing contractor. They will fully document every aspect of the damage and calculate the repair costs. Because there’s a deadline for submitting insurance information, the best approach is to act immediately after a storm.

Safest Approach

Don’t put yourself at risk of getting injured by attempting to inspect the roof yourself. The slippery conditions and wind can easily lead to a serious fall. You definitely won’t enjoy a trip to the hospital. It’s a dangerous job that requires numerous safety provisions. Professional roofers have a great deal of experience and training. Need an inspection for your roof? Contact Schmidt Roofing today.

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