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Did you know that proper gutter installation is one of the most important factors to increasing the stability and longevity of your home? We wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t. That’s because most homeowners assume gutters are only installed to keep raindrops from dripping down on them at their front door or while they’re waiting for their garage door to open.

What they don’t realize is that gutters in Minneapolis, St. Paul, the south metro and the other surrounding areas are actually making their homes safer to live in.

How Gutters Protect Your Home

Whether you choose to believe it or not, gutters are an incredibly important part of maintaining the stability of your home. Gutters keep water from accumulating on your roof, they prevent ice dams from forming and they direct water away from your home’s foundation. In fact, without gutters installed on your home, the water from melting snow and summertime rainstorms can crack your foundation, which is incredibly expensive to repair. But, gutters in Minneapolis and the surrounding Minnesota areas do more than just that.

Your gutters also protect:

Your home’s siding:

Gutter installation prevents water streaks and the pooling of water from damaging your siding.

Your home’s windows:

Gutters keep water away from your windows, which helps to keep water from accumulating on and eroding the seals.

Your home’s doors:

Consistent streams of water can also break down the seals around your doors, causing them to leak and even allow critters to get into your house.

Your landscaping:

Gutters keep water from pooling up in any one place for long periods of time and can also direct water away from your lawn, bushes and other greenery that can become damaged from excessive amounts of water.

Working with Schmidt Roofing

At Schmidt Roofing, our clients aren’t just a name and address in the books. Our clients become a part of our family. That’s because we’re a local, family-owned operation with more than 25 years in the business. We have come to know our community and the people within in.

We pride ourselves on taking care of our clients like they were family members by providing free estimates, fast installations and sharing a few tips and tricks we’ve picked up over the years. Plus, our service representatives will work with you to find a time that fits within your family’s schedule, not just ours.

Quality Brands You can Trust

Our team only works with the highest quality products available on the market. For gutters in Minneapolis and the surrounding areas, we work with name brands like Edco, Alsco, Rollex and Alcoa, among others.

With brand names you can trust and a quality team that makes you a part of their family, why wait to get started?

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