What to Do if a Window Breaks During the Winter

The temperature is below freezing and all you want to do is stay inside and keep warm. You hear a shatter and realize your window just broke. What do you do? Sure, you can do a quick fix and tape it up, but that is not going to keep your home warm for long. Windows need to be replaced and, depending on the severity of the situation, window replacement can take time due to measuring to competition.

In an event that your window breaks, take these steps to help keep your home nice and warm for you and your family.

Assess and Clean Up The Damage

If your window breaks, the first thing to do is clean-up the glass around the surrounding area. The last thing you want is for someone to step on a piece of glass and injure themselves. Once the glass is all taken care of, examine the severity of the problem. If just the window pane is damaged, then fixing the window is much simpler compared to replacing the entire window. If the window frame is damaged as well, then you need to call an expert and replace the whole window.

Seal It Up

After you assessed the damage and called a professional, you need to seal your window to keep your home warm until your window can be replaced. There are a few materials you can use so you aren’t letting in any more of a draft than is necessary. One of the best materials to use is some heavy insulating curtains. They will help keep your home warm for the time being. If you do not have heavy insulting curtains, you can make your own from materials you have around the house. You can cover the inside of the window with a tarp and then hang a spare comforter or several heavy towels and secure them around the window with tape. This will also help your home retain a good amount of warmth.

Once you have your window sealed, block off the area with some furniture (a heavy bookcase or shelving unit will do). The furniture can help keep the cold out and also keep your family away from the window so they don’t get hurt.

Contact a Professional Right Away

No one wants to go through the pain of having a broken window during the winter. That is why Schmidt Roofing will help ease the process and replace your window as quickly as possible. Putting your home in the hands of experienced professionals ensures that the job will get done properly and that you will receive the best service you deserve.

If you are having emergency window problems, contact Schmidt Roofing and we can provide you a quote and have one of our team members stop by to give you a quote on a new window right away.

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