Water is one of the greatest enemies of any home. It is relentless and will stop at nothing from getting inside. While your roof is designed to prevent leaks, no amount of protection lasts forever. What should you do if you find a leak in your roof? There are a few immediate steps you should take.

Find the Source

If there is a leak in your roof, likely, you will not immediately know it exists. If you are lucky, you will discover it in your attic before it has a chance to make its way through your ceiling and into the interior of your home. If you are unlucky, you won’t notice the leak until it begins to leave a noticeable spot on your ceiling. Regardless of how you discover it, the first step is to find the source and the extent of the damage you are dealing with.

Do Not Wait

Some things are okay for homeowners to put off, leaks are not one of them. The best thing you can do to confront the situation is contact your local roofing contractors to assess the damage and make the determination of whether the leak can be repaired or if the roof needs to be replaced. The most important thing you can do is act immediately and get in touch with a roofing company quickly.

Will Insurance Cover the Costs?

Your insurance company may cover the costs of roof repairs or replacement. Just remember that every insurance company and plan is different, so there are no guarantees. In many cases, the insurance company will cover the costs of repairs if the roof is damaged due to hail or other conditions brought on by a storm. If the roof is simply old and in need of repairs, the chances that your insurance company will cover the costs will greatly decrease.

At Schmidt Roofing, we will work with you and your insurance company to see if the costs can be covered or reduced due to storm damage.

Look Out for Mold

If your roof has been leaking for quite some time, there is a chance that mold may have developed in the insulation in your attic. If you have an attic space, it’s a good idea to take a trip up there and look for signs of mold growth. If you find mold in your attic insulation, it will need to be replaced immediately.

Prevention is Key

The most important way to protect your house from leaks is to keep your roof in good repair and to regularly inspect it. At least once a year you should look for the common causes of roof leaks. If you have an attic space, inspect it at least once every few months. The easiest way to do this is to look for wet spots on the inside of the roof in your attic after a heavy rain.

Need Roof Repairs or Replacement?

Don’t hesitate, to get in touch with Schmidt Roofing today to have your leaking roof fixed or replaced. Contact us today to have a roofing specialist sent out quickly.

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