Nothing makes a room feel more comfortable than if it holds the proper temperature for the season. In the winter months, especially here in Minnesota, this means holding a steady temperature above 70 degrees. And, in the summer months, anything cooler than 80 degrees.

But, if your windows are leaky (or drafty as we say around here) it can not only make your home or office a less comfortable place to be, but it can quickly and significantly raise your heating and cooling bills.

Before the problem gets out of control, there are a few ways you can check to see if there’s a simple fix, or if the window will need to be replaced altogether.

Apply Window Caulking

Applying caulk to any tiny gaps that may exist can help eliminate leaks. The best places to do this are around the window trim, at any joints, and between the trim and window frame. You can also apply caulk to gaps between the window and the walls surrounding it.

Install Weatherstripping

Weatherstripping material blocks drafts by creating a seal over gaps that exist within a space. These foam strips can be attached directly to the closing edge of a window to assist with reducing leaks.

Use Plastic Film

While not the most ideal solution, applying plastic shrink film is an inexpensive way to retain heat and cool air within a room. This solution not only seals drafts but also acts as a buffer between the room and the leaky window.

Utilize Storm Windows

Adding storm windows is a viable option during the winter months. These windows will add an extra layer of insulation and when attached to the window frame directly, they’ll reduce leaking, as well. Because they limit the ability to open windows, they won’t be a year-round solution.

Inspect and Replace

If the temporary fixes of caulk, weatherstripping, or plastic film just aren’t cutting it, then it’s time to have your windows inspected and replaced. The inspection will tell you if your windows are leaking due to rot, warped glass, tiny cracks in the glass itself, or if it’s a faulty hardware issue, and if the issue is present in more than one window.

Whether the issue is present in just one window or multiple throughout your home, it’s time to replace your leaky windows.

Get a Free Estimate

If you find that your windows are drafty this summer or winter, contact the team at Schmidt Roofing for a free window replacement MN estimate. We’ll inspect your windows and offer solutions that will fit your schedule and your budget.

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