Spring Home Maintenance: Caring for Your Home’s Exterior

Winter is out the door and spring is officially here. Barring any unforeseen late winter storms or cold snaps, we can all get outside and start our spring home maintenance. Wondering where to start? Continue reading our spring home maintenance guide to help you make your home’s exterior as good as new.

Remember that Maintenance is More Than Just Cleaning

While cleaning will make you house look great, no amount of soap and water will fix damage and time-worn exteriors. Spring home maintenance is just as much about inspecting your house for damage as it is about cleaning. Whether you need new windows, roofing, siding or gutter installation, make sure to make a list of everything you want to have done this year.

Roofing Maintenance

There isn’t a lot that you can do to clean your roof (it does a great job of taking care of itself). What you want to do instead is give it a good thorough inspection. Look for wear and tear and possible leaks. If you have suffered an early spring storm, also look out for signs of hail or wind damage.

If your roof appears overly dirty or is covered in moss/algae, this is a sign that it needs to be replaced. The average roof, depending on the material and weather conditions, will last about 20 years. If yours is around that age, it may be time to have it replaced.

Inspecting your roof can be a dangerous job, but you can always have a roofing contractor come out and assess if it’s time to have your roof repaired or replaced.


A good pressure washer and some simple cleaning solutions is all you need to clean your siding. This should be done at least once a year to keep it looking clean and to prevent mold growth.

If you have painted siding, make sure to check it for chipped or weathered paint. You will want to keep it well sealed with a quality exterior paint or stain. If you have vinyl siding, look for cracks or holes. Some of the signs that you need new siding can include bowing, cracking or other disfigurements to wood and vinyl materials.


During the course of the winter, constant snow and ice buildup can leave some unsightly streaks on your windows, but this is nothing that a good solid cleaning can’t solve. We recommend using a sponge, cleaning solution (try some vinegar and water) and a squeegee to eliminate any streaks. Always swipe from the top down with the squeegee and wipe off the excess water after each stroke.

Be careful when cleaning second story windows and skylights, and always bring in professionals windows cleaners if you are uncertain about getting up on a ladder.

While you are cleaning, look for signs of rotting and cracking around the window frames or damage to the glass panes, these signs will indicate that you need new windows installed.


Don’t forget about your gutters! These under-appreciated housing features do more for your home than you can imagine! Even if you cleaned them out before winter, there is still a chance that sticks and other debris have filled them up over the past few months. Give them a quick cleaning before you call it quits on your spring home maintenance.

Plan Out Your Year

It’s the season for home maintenance, so get started early before most contractors become too busy. If you need any work done on your home, contact Schmidt Roofing for a free estimate today.

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