New style trends pop up throughout the year, but spring seems to be the season when most new design and décor trends emerge. Many people are now getting ready to start on new interior and exterior design projects. Whether that means something big like new siding, or simply a redesign of a room with décor, homeowners are usually ready to get to work come springtime.

If you are ready to make some changes to your home, here are a few design and décor trends that are set to be big this year.


Have you noticed copper, in particular copper mugs popping up all over in 2016? That’s because they are the mug of choice for Moscow Mules, a drink that became trendy this past year. If you watched the Kentucky Derby, copper mugs appeared to be a popular choice for spectators enjoying their mint juleps too.

But copper is not just a material for tasty summer beverages. Digital magazine, Elle Decor, has revealed that interest in copper is up 90% on Pinterest. You will probably start to notice a lot of copper décor popping up in homes, magazines, and used in weddings. Everything from furniture to candles, vases, clocks, and more will be big this spring.

Navy: The New Black?

The comeback of navy to the fashion industry has become the buzz among home designers and decorators too. They are predicting this trend to be big in design and decor this year. While black, white, and grayscale were big in 2016, navy seems to be the color of choice in 2017. If you are looking for a new interior or exterior color for your home, navy, or shades of navy, is one to consider.

Wallpaper is Back!

Whether you truly love it or can’t stand the sight of it, wallpaper is making a comeback. However, new wallpaper designs aren’t the floral patterns your parents (or even grandparents) had in the 1970s and 80s. New wallpaper designs are being inspired by classic designs, marble being a popular choice. Rather than spending hefty sums on marble walls in their homes, many people are choosing to give their walls the appearance of being made of stone with these new wallpaper designs.

Life at the “Farmhouse”

If you are just getting on trend with the farmhouse-inspired design of last year, it’s okay. Reclaimed wood, wood tiles, and other farmhouse-inspired decorations and interior design options are not going anywhere soon. One inspired look that is new this year: is wooden beams. Whether they are made of real or faux wood, many homeowners are adding this architectural element to their ceilings to create a perception of height, to add charm, and to create the cozy feel farmhouse decor lends itself to.

Looking to Make Big Changes?

If you are thinking bigger than just some new décor this year and you are instead ready for a new look to your siding, roofing, and windows — contact Schmidt Roofing for a free quote on your exterior project.

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