Water can take on many forms throughout the winter. From snow to ice, rain, and hail, there are more than enough options for nature to douse the exterior of your home with water.

Then there is sleet (also known as freezing rain). Meteorologists and newscasters love to report this weather condition as a “wintry mix.” It sounds pleasant, kind of like something you would love to see on a relaxing Sunday afternoon while at home. But don’t let the wintry mix fool you, it can be just as harmful as some of the more severe winter weather conditions.

Don’t Be Fooled By Their Size

Sleet pellets are usually much smaller than hail, so immediate damage to your home’s exterior is far less likely to occur during a winter storm, but that doesn’t mean they are not harmful.

When significant amounts of sleet are allowed to build up on your home, particularly on the roof, real problems can begin to spring up, especially if your roof or siding is old and worn out before the storm hits.

The Problems Caused by Sleet and Freezing Rain

When roof shingles age, they become brittle and begin to loosen. This can allow moisture from sleet to get underneath them. This is bad for several reasons:

  • It can cause water to leak into your attic
  • It can further loosen the shingles and cause them to fall off
  • It can create pools of water that eventually become ice dams

If too much water is allowed to accumulate this can place undue stress on your roof. To prevent this, make sure that you have your roof inspected and replaced (if it needs it) before winter.

The same problems can afflict older siding. Old and worn-out siding, whether vinyl, plastic, or wood tends to have chips, cracks, holes, or open seams that can allow water to get behind them.

Make sure your house — including the siding, windows roof, and doors — is ready for the winter weather.

If You Need Work Done, Get a Free Estimate

Sleet is just one of the hazardous weather conditions that your house will be subjected to throughout the winter. That’s why homeowners need to have any work done on their house’s exterior before the harsh weather can affect it.

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