Your siding protects your home from the most severe winter weather. It can stand up to harsh winds, moisture from snow, and even the frost that builds up during especially cold days. As a Twin Cities siding company, we work with a lot of homeowners who are concerned with extreme weather, and a frequent question that we are asked is:

“Which siding material stands up to winter weather the best?”

The short answer is: that any siding material will both protect your home and keep you warm during the winter. Having said that, there are a few pros and cons to having each type of siding material.

Vinyl Siding

Due to its low cost and reliability, vinyl siding remains one of the most popular siding choices in the country. It is flexible, and if installed properly, it is resistant to warping and cracking in extreme temperatures. This is because the coating on vinyl siding protects it from moisture, which causes buckling and warping. The only time you will see damage during the winter is if something hard crashes against the side of your house.

Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber cement siding is naturally water resistant, which prevents moisture from seeping into the material. When installed on your home, it also leaves no gaps or areas where water can creep into. While you find this type of siding mostly on coastal homes, it is still an option for homeowners in Minnesota and across the Midwest.

Wood Siding

A lot of homeowners love the natural look of wood. It’s a great choice for anyone who is going for a cabin-style house. Although it’s not the most resilient winter weather siding, it will protect your home if you choose a good exterior paint with an exterior primer/sealant. Wood siding is not as “maintenance free” as other materials, but it’s in no way a bad choice for midwestern homeowners.

Metal Siding

Metal siding and roofs were made for winter weather. They are resistant to hail damage and won’t warp due to moisture. While they are a bit more costly than other materials, their longevity and the protection they provide are well worth the investment for homeowners who live in areas with harsh winter weather.

Making a Choice

There are no bad choices in siding. It’s up to homeowners to decide what fits their style, what they can afford, and how maintenance-free they want their home’s exterior to be. No matter which choice you make, be sure to contact a reliable company to get the job done right. At Schmidt Roofing, we have more than 25 years of experience. We also work all year round! To get a quick and free estimate on your siding job, contact us today!

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