Thinking of getting new siding? Time for a facelift on your home? You don’t have to choose just one type of siding! Siding replacement doesn’t have to be a straight copy-and-paste replacement of your current home. You can completely revamp the look of your home by changing the type of siding, the colors, and even the combinations of siding options you choose.

Looking for something new when it comes to your home’s siding? Consider these siding combination ideas.

Mix and Match Colors Options

Houses don’t need to be monotone, even if you only have one type of siding. You can mix and match a huge number of colors that complement each other and make your home look twice as nice. When you choose a color for your home, ask about color options and how you can mix and match them.

Looking for color combinations for your siding? See this quick guide to help you get started making the right choice for your home.

Choose Two Different Types of Siding

Siding combinations are most striking when you mix two types of siding, particularly vinyl siding (or James Hardie Siding) combined with a type of stone or brick siding. If you do not like the natural colors present in bricks and various stone siding options, you can also paint them any color you choose. Stone and brick siding still stand out when they are painted.

There are generally two ways to mix stone and vinyl siding:
  1. Use vinyl siding on the sides and back of your home and stone face on the front of your home.
  2. Stone skirting: this is when you place a stone on the lower half of your house and another type of siding on the top half of your house.

Other Siding Combinations to Consider

You can also mix stucco or fiber cement siding with vinyl siding. Many homeowners choose to split their home in two: the top half of vinyl siding in their color of choice, and the bottom half in a stucco finish or fiber cement siding. Fiber cement in particular can be finished in many colors, adding a great amount of color combinations to any home can have.

The siding combinations you can choose vary greatly. Work with your siding professional to choose one or two siding options that work for your home.

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