Everyone wants a nice, clean roof over their home. But years of exposure to water, algae, fungus, pests, and many other environmental elements can leave even the best roofs looking tattered and dirty. Understandably, you would want to keep it clean at all costs, but this isn’t always the best idea. While cleaning your roof can help it look better, avoid these costly mistakes that can lead to damage, leaking, and costly repairs.

Using the Wrong Cleaners

Not all cleaners are suitable for every type of roof. What works on asphalt shingles may not be suitable for cedar shakes, clay tile, or many other roofing materials. Some industrial cleaners are not suitable for any material. The powerful chemicals they use can easily eat away at and quickly degrade the materials.

Before using a soap, anti-fungal, or any other type of cleaner on your roof, make sure to check with the manufacturer to see what can and cannot be used. Manufacturers will generally provide a list of chemicals that are and are not safe to use. If you are working with a professional roof cleaning company, ask about the types of cleaners they use before allowing them to start the job.

Using Abrasive Scrubbers

Cleaning a roof is not like scrubbing grease off a steel pan. You can’t just have it with an overly abrasive brush to chip away at whatever is stuck onto it. Many roofing materials are not able to be cleaned with abrasive scrubbers or sharp objects, and doing so is a surefire way to ensure you will not damage them. This can lead to expensive repairs, not to mention you feeling rather shameful for unintentionally damaging your roof while trying to clean it.

Always check with the manufacturer of your roofing material to see what can be used to clean algae, dirt, or anything else off your roof.

Avoid Pressure Washers

While it may seem like an easy and simple way to wash your roof, using a power washer can easily lift your shingles up and off the roof. Even if you don’t wind up blowing away half the shingles on your roof while cleaning them, you still might get water in places where it’s not supposed to go. Properly installed roofing materials are designed to keep water out, even under heavy rain, but they aren’t designed to withstand pressurized bursts of water at close range. Pressure washers can push water underneath the shingles, which can eventually find its way into your home.

Certain power washers can be used, just make sure to do your research on what is safe to use and the proper method of using it.

Cleaning an Old Roof Won’t Make it Look Nicer

You can scrub, clean, and wash all you want, but no amount of cleaning will make an old roof look better. Sometimes, roof replacement is your only (and best) option. It will give you the best look for your home and keep it safe from the elements for years to come.

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