The Right and Wrong Ways to Fix Rooftop Ice Issues

Snow and ice accumulation can be a large problem for midwestern homeowners, especially those who live in areas where very low temperatures add ice into the mix. Ice dams are formed when the snow on top of them melts and then that water freezes as temperatures drop. If left to accumulate on your roof, snow and ice and can damage shingles and cause leaks to open up in many parts of your roof.

There are many ways to prevent this from happening, but not all the advice you get should be followed. There are right and wrong ways to fix ice dams, so follow these tips to adequately protect your home.

Don’t Make This Big (and Common) Mistake!

Although you should remove ice dams from your roof before they get any worse, it is unadvisable to grab a shovel or snow rake and begin removing the snow and ice yourself. These tools can easily damage your shingles and possibly other parts of your roof. While these parts can be repaired, the damage you do to your shingles will likely void the manufacturer’s warranty. This will leave you completely liable for the cost of new shingles as well as the costs to repair your roof.

If you need to eliminate ice dams, contact a professional who specializes in snow and ice removal. They will know how to remove the snow and ice from your roof in a way that will avoid damage to the shingles or any other part of your roof.

The Long-term Fix for Snow and Ice

The major long-term fix for ice dams is prevention, and the best way to truly prevent ice dams is to fix the underlying problem: your home’s insulation and ventilation. Improper insulation and ventilation, especially in attic spaces, is the primary cause of ice dams. If you find a lot of ice accumulating on your roof in the winter, it’s best to contact an exteriors company to check your attic insulation and make sure it is installed properly and still working to its best potential.

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