Summer is a great time of year, especially for Minnesotans. The ability to finally leave the house and enjoy the nice weather is truly irreplaceable. While the joys of summer might be great for you and your family, they aren’t always the best for your home. The nice summer weather brings with it certain risks for your home’s exterior, and many things can cause damage if they aren’t accounted for in your regular maintenance.

Watch out for these things that can cause harm to your home during the summer months.

Storm Damage

Summer storms bring more than rain with them. Everything from high winds to hail, lightning, and flying debris can cause damage to your windows, roofing, and siding. While there isn’t much you can do to prevent hail damage to your home, you can still learn to identify the signs of it after a storm. Getting the necessary storm damage repairs your home needs after a storm can prevent further, more expensive damage from occurring.

Other storm damage can occur from high winds, which can cause loose shingles and siding to separate from the home. Always make sure to inspect your home for loose siding and roofing materials and have them repaired right away.

To limit damage from debris on your home, make sure that all the trees on your property are properly trimmed. It can also help to entirely take down trees that are old and too close to your home.

High Temperatures and Humidity

No one loves a hot and humid day, and neither does your house. Houses can absorb heat and humidity, which can lead to all sorts of problems with everything from your foundation to your roof. Attic spaces are particularly in danger with high humidity if they are not insulated and ventilated properly. Improper ventilation in attic spaces can lead to mold growth and increased temperatures in your home. Increased humidity in an attic space can also cause the wood in your roof to expand, which can lead to warping and cracking in shingles and other roofing materials.

The same can be said about crawl spaces, so make sure your entire house is insulated and ventilated properly.

Excessive Rain and Leaks

No one wants to see the dreaded wet spot on their ceiling, indicating that there is a leak in their roof. Leaking roofs can be caused by a large number of factors, from storm damage to old and worn materials. Regardless of the cause, getting your roof repaired (or replaced if it’s quite old) is essential to keeping your home safe when it rains.

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