Most Midwestern homeowners don’t associate the winter with home remodeling. But winter is a great time of year to cross off some long-delayed home exterior projects that have been on your list. It’s not the busy season for roofing and siding companies, and (weather provided) most exterior projects can still be completed throughout the winter months.

If you are looking to get a new roof, siding, windows, or any other exterior project completed this winter, here’s how to find success with that next project.

Get Started Right Away

Although roofing, siding, and window installation can be completed throughout the winter, low temperatures and storms reduce the number of projects that can be taken on by installation crews. It also takes time to get the materials needed to complete the project, so if you are looking to have work done on your home this winter, now is the time to request a quote.

It’s also important to replace any old roofing, siding, or windows right away, especially if we are looking ahead to a harsh winter. Old roofing shingles and siding can allow snow and moisture to seep into the house, causing damage. Old windows also aren’t energy efficient, which can make your home feel colder while driving up your energy bills.

Don’t put off necessary exterior projects until after the winter weather! The sooner they get done, the better.

Keep an Eye on the Weather and Be Flexible

Freezing temperatures and very snowy conditions make it unsafe for crews to work on the exterior of a home. Very low temperatures also mean that the adhesive will not adhere correctly, which is why there is a cutoff temperature of about 40-50 degrees for new installation and replacement. It’s important to be flexible and keep in mind that projects can be delayed if an unexpected winter storm or drop in temperature is to occur.

The Benefits of Winter Home Renovations

There are many benefits to having a project done during the winter months:

  • Less demand means the project can get done sooner
  • Material costs can drop as demand also falls
  • It’s generally easier to pull a permit from your local municipality
  • It can make your home more comfortable during the coldest months
  • You’ll have a brand-new home exterior in time for spring

Looking to have something replaced this winter? Get in touch with Schmidt Roofing right away for a free quote!

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