Planning a commercial roofing project is a big undertaking, but it’s a great investment for businesses and building owners to make. While the process can take days and even weeks (depending on the size and scope of the project), there are things you can do to minimize the disturbance this will cause to your business or those of your tenants.

If you are planning on undertaking a commercial roofing repair or replacement project in the future, here’s how you can prepare and make it a relatively painless process.

Set up a Schedule and Timeline

Work with your roofing contractor to set up a detailed schedule of work, including what days and times they will be there and how long the project can be expected to last. Having a detailed plan will help you execute the project and track it through every stage of the process. If your contractor uses sub-contractors, make sure you know who they are and when they will be on site.

Make Sure the Materials Are on Site

To limit the amount of disruptions to businesses in the building, and reduce the time that it takes to complete the project, make sure that all the necessary materials and equipment are delivered beforehand. If the materials are not on site when the work is supposed to begin, get in touch with your roofing contractor and make sure they are aware of the delay.

Notify Business Tenants, Customers, Etc.

Whether you own the building and have customers who frequent your business or are a building owner who rents out to other businesses, it’s essential to deliver the schedule and plan to all interested parties. Let your customers know that work will be done during business hours or close up shop if the work will be overly invasive to your business. If you rent out a portion of the building to another business, it’s also best to let them know so that they can adequately prepare for the disruption, potentially closing down the business completely or having their employees work from home until the work is finished.

Make Sure Parking is Available

Contractors and workers will need parking access so that they can easily enter and exit the work site. Depending on the layout of your property, and if there is gated access, you will need to make sure that everyone involved in the project has the access they need at all times to the site. This can help expedite the process and bring the project to completion quickly.

Plan for Delays

Even if everything leading up to the start of the project is smooth sailing, keep in mind that delays can occur. Unforeseen complications and issues with commercial roofing can occur, inevitably lengthening projects. Make sure to plan for these and work them into a possible schedule so that you can keep the project moving as smoothly as possible.

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