When it comes to exterior renovations, getting high-quality materials is half the battle. Even the most skilled professionals at window replacement in MN can’t make a bad product perform well when it’s placed on your home.

At Schmidt Roofing, we only use the best brands builders can get. We know what makes top-tier housing materials, and we make it a point to follow the best companies in the industry, keeping an eye on their newest products and innovations.

When it comes to doors and windows for your home, one of the top brands by far is Andersen. We have been working with their products for years, and they continue to surprise even us with their new products.

Here are some of the latest doors and windows they have made available to homeowners.

Sliding Patio Door with Built-in Blinds

Glass patio doors are a great way to add light to a room, but their downside is that homeowners can’t choose when and how much light they want to enter through the doors.

With Andersen’s latest sliding patio doors, the blinds are built right into the doors themselves. They can be raised, lowered, and tilted to let in any amount of light or regain some privacy for your home.

Double Hung Energy Saver Windows

Here’s a secret: your house is slowly leaking money out of your windows. Every time you run your heating or air conditioning unit, the temperature-controlled air it releases is doing its best to leave your house in a hurry.

It’s up to your windows and doors to keep the air in. Otherwise, you are wasting energy and driving up your utility bills.

By installing Andersen’s latest double-hung energy-saver windows, our experts at Schmidt Roofing will be able to sell your house better than ever. The windows also come in multiple colors and trims, ensuring that they match the exterior of any home.

Fibrex® Window Frames

Fibrex is a new material that Andersen is using to construct some of the frames of their windows. It is incredibly resistant to harsh weather, and will never rot, fade or corrode. These will be a big hit among midwestern houses that get hit particularly hard during storm season.

Fibrex is also very low maintenance, much like vinyl, but still has enough durability to protect your home from harsh weather.

Looking for New Windows or Doors

The time is now. This is the best season to have your windows and doors replaced. Getting new windows will allow you to keep cool air in your house all summer long, and having a new door put on will show off the exterior of your home when it comes time to invite family and friends over during BBQ season!

To learn more about the latest materials from Andersen Doors and Windows, or to get a free estimate, contact Schmidt Roofing today.

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