Many homeowners may believe it’s best to hibernate and postpone any home renovations until the warmer months while winter wraps the globe in an icy embrace. Contrary to common belief, however, winter can be a great season for some exterior remodeling projects. Four important house improvements can be completed in the winter: replacing your windows, siding, gutters, and roof. Even if these projects provide particular difficulties throughout the winter, qualified contractors like our team at Schmidt Roofing are prepared to manage them. This is how you should schedule renovations for each of these areas:

Roofing Replacement

There are several challenges involved with replacing a roof in the winter, mostly because of the icy weather and lower temperatures. The cold can cause materials to become brittle, and installers need to exercise caution when walking on frozen surfaces to avoid slipping.

Homeowners may consider the following tips when planning their roofing replacement this winter:
  • Arrange for a professional inspection to find any possible problems before winter arrives.
  • To reduce the hazards related to icy conditions, pick a day with a steady weather forecast.
  • Talk to us about the possibility of utilizing materials intended for regions with colder temperatures, like metal roofing.

Siding Replacement

Since excessive cold can impact the flexibility of materials like vinyl, siding replacement in the winter can be tricky, but it’s possible.

The following tips may be important for homeowners who are planning their siding replacement activities this winter:
  • Use siding materials that are appropriate for lower temperatures, including fiber cement, engineered wood, or metal siding.
  • To guarantee the best installation conditions, schedule the project during a period of milder winter weather.
  • Coordinate with our team to plan tasks during the day for maximum productivity.

Window Replacement

Replacing windows in the winter requires navigating temperature-sensitive materials, watching out for possible air leaks during installation, and working in cramped areas while avoiding the cold.

If you’re planning on starting a window replacement project for this winter, consider:
  • Choosing energy-efficient windows to reduce heat loss while they are being installed.
  • Planning the project for a day when there won’t be any wind to prevent drafts while the replacement is being done.
  • Let us know if you have any particular concerns about materials that are sensitive to temperature.

Gutter Replacement

Gutter replacement during the winter is one of the easier tasks, but it still can present challenges because of the low temperatures, the possibility of ice dam formation, and the need to exercise more caution when working at heights.

To effectively and safely replace their gutter this winter, make sure that you:
  • Reduce the possibility of blockages and ice dams this winter by installing gutter guards before winter.
  • Schedule the replacement for a day when it should be warmer than freezing.
  • Discuss the use of ice-resistant materials with us. We also provide snow and ice removal services.

A Professional Touch in Overcoming Winter Difficulties

Even though winter poses special difficulties for outside renovation work, our skilled contractors are equipped to handle these tasks. Here are some more tips when planning your winter renovations.

  1. Preliminary Planning: Starting your project planning early can help you reserve a time slot with our team. You should also think about scheduling your repairs for the early weeks of winter to avoid more extreme weather.
  2. Adaptable Planning: Be prepared to modify your project timeline in response to weather predictions and talk to us about backup plans in case adverse weather occurs.
  3. Clear Communication: Keep lines of communication open with our team regarding any particular concerns you may have regarding the winter conditions. We will be sure to do the same! We’ll make sure to keep you informed about your project’s status and any anticipated delays.
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