Metal Roofs are becoming increasingly popular, but the common myth that metal roofing is only for commercial buildings is just that, a myth. While it’s true that many commercial buildings do have metal roofs, it is also true that metal roofs for residential owners have become one of the fastest-growing segments of home improvement

Metal roofing in Minnesota is a fast-growing trend that many people are turning to, and many homeowners are recognizing that the benefits of having a metal roof on their homes are outstanding. Want to see some examples, check out our project galleries for some of the metal roofs we have installed on residential homes.

The Benefits of Metal Roofing

Many people turn to metal roofing because of its large variety of benefits. Those living in the Midwest will be happy to hear that metal roofs can easily be installed in the winter months. Because it is a lightweight material, it is even possible (in certain cases) for contractors to install it over your old roof.

The durability of metal roofing is widely recognized. On average, a metal roof will last up to 50 years, and copper roofs can last 100 years or longer. This is about 3-5 times longer than materials such as asphalt shingles. Metal roofs are also flame-retardant, impervious to termites, and will not split, crack, or warp like wood shakes can.

Lastly, metal roofs are very low maintenance and can easily be cleaned with water. They will likely need to be repainted throughout their lives, but this is the only real maintenance that goes into them.

The Cost of Metal Roofing

Thanks to the many different types of metal that can be used in residential roofing, there are affordable metal roofs for almost any budget.

Galvanized steel is a commonly used material because it is very budget-friendly, but there are other options as well. Aluminum is slightly more expensive but is more common in coastal areas because of its resistance to sprays of saltwater that can come in off of the beach.

For homeowners looking for the longest-lasting metal roofing material, copper is the way to go. However, because of the high cost of copper, many homeowners choose to only use it for architectural accents such as towers, bay windows, etc.

Squashing Metal Roof Myths

Go outside in the middle of winter and grab a piece of metal. You will likely drop it because of how cold it is. Similarly, if you were to grab a piece of metal in the summer, you would likely burn your hand.

Does this mean that metal roofs will make your home cold during the winter and warm during the summer? Not. Metal roofs are very good insulators that can reduce heating bills in the winter and cooling bills in the summer. They can also be recycled more easily than other materials, making them a great choice for the environmentally conscious.

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