As temperatures drop, the weather becomes more severe, and winter gets closer, it’s time to start thinking about winterizing your home for the season. While roofing, siding, windows, and other exterior jobs can be completed throughout the winter (weather permitting), now is the time to get in any last-minute projects you want to have completed on your home before the holiday season brings with it ice, snow, and frigid temperatures.

There’s still time to have the work you want done on your home. Here are a few exterior features you should be thinking about before winter.


New windows are one of the best investments a homeowner can make before the winter season. They provide much more than a better view of the snowy landscape outside of your home. Replacing your windows before winter comes with a huge amount of benefits, from lower utility costs to a more comfortable living space, that will carry over throughout the entire year.

If your windows are old or in disrepair, get them replaced and avoid a drafty living space this winter!


Are your gutters important in the winter? Aren’t they only used to clear rainwater away from your home? Not! Your gutters serve a purpose all year round, especially during the winter. When your gutters aren’t working properly in the winter, ice, and snow can easily accumulate on your roof, causing ice dams and further damage to your roofing materials and overall structure.

What’s the best part about replacing your gutters? They are the most affordable and easy project to complete on your home.


Your siding does more than make your home look nice. In the winter, it can provide a valuable source of insulation that keeps warm air in, and cold air out. Old siding can be warped, cracked, and riddled with holes, decreasing its effectiveness at keeping water and ice from building up underneath it. This can cause internal wall leaks and damage, all while causing your walls (and thus your rooms) to feel more cold all winter long.


Before snow and ice begin piling up on it, it’s a good idea to have your aging roof inspected and possibly replaced before the winter begins. Aging roofs can suffer from a whole host of issues, leading to leaks, colder internal home temperatures, and other damage to your home. Getting a new roof just before winter begins can make you more comfortable throughout the season, and it’s a great investment for your home down the line.

There’s still time to have your siding, roofing, or any other exterior feature replaced before winter! For an even more durable and effective protection for your home, consider investing in metal roofing or siding options.

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