There are two main reasons to make sure your home is properly insulated this winter:

  • It makes your home more comfortable
  • It saves you money on your utility bills

Yes! A properly insulated house not only means more comfort for you and your family, but you will also see a difference in those monthly utility bills. Proper insulation is something that every homeowner in Minnesota should be aware of, that’s why we put together a short guide to help you keep the cold air outside this winter.

Insulating Doors and Windows

Two of the major sources of heat loss in your home are through your windows and doors. They are particularly susceptible to leaking air because they are the only parts of your home that are meant to be opened. Thankfully, there are ways to help keep them insulated during winter, including:

  • Weatherstripping
  • Replacing door sweeps
  • Foam tape
  • Window film
  • Insulated curtains
  • Door snakes
  • Recaulking

Keep in mind that no amount of DIY insulation will be able to fix doors and windows that are simply too damaged or old. Sometimes door or window replacement is necessary.

Chimneys and Fireplaces

If you have a fireplace (or a few) in your home, you may notice a significant draft coming in even though the flue is closed. A good investment to prevent this is to install an air-tight door for your fireplace. These doors seal shut and prevent air leaks. You can also consider adding a chimney damper cap to prevent heat loss. This is especially useful if you use your fireplace as a source of heating.

Insulating Walls, Ceilings, Attics and Basements

The unseen areas of your home are some of the biggest areas that allow heat to escape during the winter. They are also the hardest places to know whether or not they are insulated properly or not. If you are unsure how well-insulated your home is this winter, contact Schmidt Roofing for a free inspection and estimate.

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