Do you need to have a house wrap behind vinyl siding? Does your home even have one? The only way to find out is to remove the current siding. House wraps have become more common over the years, and most new builds are having them installed. Should you have a house wrap put on your home when you have your siding replaced?

Find out more about house wraps and whether they should be installed in your home.

What Exactly is a House Wrap?

A house wrap is a sheet of thin paper-like material that is used to cover the entire exterior of a home before the siding is installed. House wraps “live” between the wood (sheathing) and siding materials like vinyl, adding an extra layer of protection and insulation to the home. The exact materials used in house wraps have changed over the years, but modern house wraps are primarily made from lightweight synthetic materials that are durable and resistant to tearing and moisture.

The primary purpose of house wrap is to protect your home from air and moisture. The material is specially designed to prevent any water that may seep under your siding from getting into your home. It also creates a barrier against air. While it does not seal out air, it can help prevent heat loss by adding an extra layer of insulation to your home.

How Are House Wraps Installed?

If you do not have a house wrap already on your home (some older homes do not), the material can be installed when you have your siding replaced, which is the ideal and most cost-effective time to do it. Siding installation professionals can install a house wrap after removing your old siding and before installing your new siding. The process does not add a significant amount of time to a siding replacement project.

Is a House Wrap Necessary?

While not entirely necessary, it’s quite important to have a house wrap underneath the siding on your home, especially if your siding is made of vinyl or something like it. While vinyl siding can protect your home from air and moisture, it does not create a vacuum seal on your home. Air and moisture are quite good at getting into seams and other places in your home, and a house wrap is your last line of defense before it reaches your home. This is especially important in Midwestern homes and other climates with humid summers and snowy winters.

As a final answer, we recommend that house wraps be installed on all homes with vinyl siding.

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