Attic ventilation is not usually at the top of a homeowner’s mind, but its importance cannot be understated, especially as we enter the summer months. Your attic is more than a simple storage space, it is also a key to keeping your house cool along with many other benefits.

Why Should I Ventilate My Attic?

There are many reasons why you should properly ventilate your attic:
  • Many asphalt shingle manufacturers require attic ventilation to comply with the terms of their warranty.
  • Decreases the risk of mold and mildew growth by allowing moist air to escape from your enclosed attic space.
  • Helps prevent ice dams in the winter.
  • Can reduce utility costs when temperatures are high.

Myths About Attic Ventilation

Attic ventilation is a good idea for all homeowners. Don’t be fooled by these common myths:
  • They waste energy: if your attic is properly insulated, you will not be losing heated or cooled air from the main part of your home.
  • You only need ventilation in warm climates: proper attic ventilation is beneficial all year, regardless of climate. Also, if you have vents from bathroom fans running into your attic, you want to have a means for that humidified air to escape your enclosed attic space.
  • More is better: While too few vents will not be effective, having too many vents is a waste of money and can cause other problems. A professional will be able to measure your attic space and determine the proper number of vents.

Is it a DIY Job?

Unless you have extensive experience with roofing and ventilation, we don’t recommend installing roofing vents yourself. This is a job that must be done properly or you can run into many problems:
  • Improper installation can damage roofing shingles and the structure.
  • Improperly sealed vents can allow water to leak into your attic.
  • Different cities have different building codes that regulate attic vents. Roofing contractors will be able to check with your city to ensure everything is installed according to code.
  • Asbestos is still present in older attic insulation. If your house is old, you should contact an environmental company to have it tested and professionally removed.

Get Started on Your Ventilation Project Today

Weather providing, attic ventilation projects can be completed all year round. To get a free quote on anything from attic ventilation to insulation, contact Schmidt Roofing today.

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