Whether you are looking for new roofing, siding, or any other exterior services, you will want to choose a company that you can trust. It is your home, and the company you go with choose should also treat it like their own. That’s why it’s always best to go with a local company.

There are a lot of roofing contractors in Minneapolis and the surrounding areas to choose from, so you shouldn’t have to settle for a company that shows up from out of town.

Beware of Out of Towners

Believe it or not, the people who come knocking at your door or leave flyers in your mailbox are not always located in the Twin Cities area. They come here from other locations because they know there is a large amount of homeowners looking for renovations. This is especially true during storm season and the winter months when damage is most likely to occur to your home. These “storm chasers” are easy to identify (we’ve written about them here) and generally don’t have your best interests at heart.

The benefits of choosing a local contractor are:

They Care About Your Neighborhood

The owner and employees of your local roofing company generally live in your area. They may even be from your very own neighborhood! This means that they care about how the homes in your area look. One of the reasons began our business was to aesthetically improve the communities in which we live. We are a local, family-owned business that has been in this industry for more than 25 years. We care about your home, your neighborhood, and your entire community.

They Have Better Response Times

When you work with a local company, they know the process and timelines of completing an exterior project in your community. They know local codes for permits, they have formed relationships with the suppliers in the area for materials and can provide you with references for workmanship or colors of products. You will have the assurance that local building codes will be followed, materials will be sourced locally and samples of products are just steps away. All these conveniences help to get your project scheduled quickly and finished on time.

They Are Quick to Make it Right

It’s easy for out-of-town companies to finish the job, leave town, and never come back. This is because they don’t always care about their reputation in a neighborhood that is hundreds of miles away from where they are located. When you contract with a local company that has a local reputation to uphold, you know they will always want to get the job done right. Future concerns? You can be confident that your local company will be there to address and fix all concerns.

Stay Local and Get Your Estimate Today

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