No matter the age or condition of your home, you likely lose heat through your doors and windows. Some homes have worse energy problems than others, but the costs add up no matter your situation. If you don’t want to pay more than needed on your utility bills each month, weatherproofing your doors and windows is the way to go.

You can run a test to see if your windows or doors are letting outside air into your home. To begin, hold the back of your hand near the seals of your window and the cracks of your door. If you feel any air on your hand during the test, it’s time to consider the benefits of weatherproofing.

Weatherproofing Windows

If your windows are in good shape but let a small draft through, weather-stripping could be the solution you need. Placing weatherstrips on windows reduces the draft and helps to limit your energy bills. Insulated curtains are also a great option if you want to reduce the drafts without having to place anything on your windows.

Weatherproofing Doors

While you will need exterior contractors in some cases, you can fix your draft door by yourself some of the time. Go to any hardware store and buy a door snake (draft stopper); you will be glad you did. Door snakes are cheap items you place at the bottom of your door that block the draft while preventing the heat in your home from getting outside.

If you want another option that works wonders for draft doors, you can pick up some foam tape. Foam tape is easy to install and provides outstanding results. You will notice the difference in your energy bill. You can experiment with each method to find one that works better than the rest, allowing you to optimize your savings.

When to Call an Expert

Although you can solve drafts in many cases, others require you to hire contractors for window installation or replacement. Some windows warp over time and lose their tight grip on the seal, and the draft gets progressively worse as the years pass. If you have old doors or windows and can’t control the draft, exterior contractors can give you a hand.

Final Thoughts

If you have a draft coming from your doors and windows, you are paying much more than you should on your power bill. If you have had this problem for many years, you will certainly notice the difference new windows and doors can make.

Extreme drafts require the touch of a caring expert, and the amount you spend on the contractor is an investment that offers excellent returns. When you hire an expert contractor to take care of the issue, the expert will give you results that make you smile. If you are ready to reduce energy loss and save money with new doors and windows, contact Schmidt Roofing today.

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