Are you considering window replacement for your home this year? You don’t have to keep the same style of window you have now! Selecting the right window style can dramatically enhance the overall look of your home, both inside and out.

Our experts can recommend and replace any of your windows with a new style. There are many to choose from and each provides their unique benefits.

Single and Double-Hung Window

These styles of windows are two of the most common that you will find. They are affordable, easy to operate, and insulate well. They open by sliding the bottom portion upwards. On a double-hung window, the top portion also slides down, allowing you to open the window from both the top and bottom. Many double-hung windows also tilt for easy cleaning, which is beneficial on the upper levels of a home.

Slider Windows

Similar to single and double-hung windows, these common windows are another affordable option for homeowners. A slider window is a window that opens by sliding the window panes side to side on a track in the window frame. It’s a good window style choice when the size of the window is much wider than it is high. They are easy to maintain and have smaller frames, providing more glass and a better view of the outside than hung windows.

Casement/Hinged Windows

This style of window operates on hinges that allow them to be opened outward (similar to a door). Since the window is made of a single pane of glass with no crossbar (like on single/double hung windows), people enjoy the uninterrupted view of the outside that they provide. They also insulate well because they offer few places for air to escape, all while offering maximum ventilation while open.

Picture Windows

These windows get their name because of the incredible views they provide. They are large windows that offer tons of natural light and a picturesque view of your yard. They are also the most airtight. The tradeoff for having such a great view is that they cannot be opened.

Design tip: place smaller windows that can be opened on either side of your picture window to allow air into your room.

Bay Windows

If you are looking to add more space to your room, or to enhance the look of the outside of your home, try adding a bay window. These beautiful windows extend out from the side of the house, creating a nice space for you to sit or display items.

Awning Windows

If you like to listen to the sounds of the rain, this style of windows is a great option. Because they are hinged at the top and open outward, creating a nice downward slant, they can remain open while it rains without allowing water into your home. This is a great window in the kitchen for extra venting in any weather. It also provides a largely unobstructed view because it doesn’t have crossbars like double/single-hung windows.

Hopper Windows

Flip your awning window upside down and invert them and you’ve got a hopper window. Hopper windows open into your house by a hinge at the bottom. Hopper windows are commonly used in basements because they provide good ventilation.

Glass Block Windows

These windows are made of thick, opaque glass blocks that allow light into the room without the ability of being able to see in. Glass blocks have been updated to include both solid and vented. They are most commonly found in bathrooms and basements.

Egress Windows

Another common basement window option is, egress windows open outward and provide an escape route from your basement. If you plan on having a bedroom in your basement, building codes state that you must have an egress window so there is an emergency escape option. The added benefit is that they let a lot of light into normally dark spaces.

Need a Custom Window Design?

Looking for a different look for your home, or do you just want to see more options? Contact us today. We work with the brands and materials in the industry to create custom window designs for homeowners. Get creative, then ask us for a free quote.

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