We work with many manufacturers of siding materials – Mastic Home Exteriors, GENTEK, and LP Building Products, to name a few. One of the popular choices our customers make is the materials created by James Hardie®. If you are looking to update the siding on your home, here is everything you need to know about the materials made by James Hardie.

A Bit About the Company

We only partner with the industry’s leading siding manufacturers, and James Hardie is no exception. The company has roots dating back to 1888 and has a global presence that spans numerous countries and employs over 2500 people.

What Types of Siding do They Manufacture

James Hardie manufactures siding planks, shingles, and panels that are made out of fiber cement rather than vinyl or wood. We work with and install a wide variety of their products, including:

  • HardiePlank®: Lap Siding: their most popular brand
  • HardieShingle®: designed to look like cedar shingles
  • HardiePanel®: vertical siding panels

They also manufacture lines of trim, soffit panels, weather wrapping, and cement backing boards (for homes that need to be able to withstand harsh weather).

Are Their Products Better than Vinyl and Wood Materials?

“Better” is a subjective term that we try to avoid. There are pros and cons to every siding choice you will make, but we can give you as many facts as you need to make a good decision.

Vinyl siding remains the most widely used siding material in the U.S. This is mostly because it is a cost-effective material that is low maintenance. The downside is it has a lesser lifespan when compared to materials like aluminum and fiber cement products by James Hardie. You will most likely get a longer lifespan out of HardiePlank® but will pay a bit extra for the materials.

The good news is that James Hardie products are just as low maintenance as vinyl siding. Their HardieShingles® are also designed to mimic the look of wooden shingles. While those who prefer pure wood will want to go with cedar shingles, HardieShingles® is a good low-maintenance alternative.

What About Colors?

You will find a wide variety of color options to choose from (about two dozen for each product). There are also options to create custom colors, so the design possibilities are nearly endless.

You can learn more about James Hardie Siding products here.

Make the Right Choice

Keep in mind that we partner with many reputable siding materials and while James Hardie is a great choice, it’s not your only option. You can count on Schmidt Roofing to give you an honest assessment of which types of siding materials are best for your home and your budget. Get in touch with us today for a free quote.

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