There’s no doubt about it, commercial roofing systems are expensive. Replacing one on your business or a building you own is a huge investment, but it’s not always the only option. Commercial roofs are durable things, and many times the answer to your commercial roofing woes lies in the repair or restoration of the structure. So long as the integrity of the roof isn’t compromised (we recommend having a structural engineer take a look at older commercial roofing systems), you can likely get away with extensive repairs and restoration to avoid replacing a roofing system outright.

If you are considering having work done on your commercial roofing systems, here are a few things you can do instead of replacing them completely.

Analyze the Damage and Issues

Before deciding on the course of action to take, have a commercial roofing professional come out and take a look at your roof. Consider its age, the extent of the damage it has incurred over the years, the issues you are having, and the frequency of those issues. Also, take into consideration if repairs have been made in the past. How many times have the trouble spots been repaired? Are you still having issues? If your roof is past a certain age and/or has been repaired numerous times, it may be time to consider replacing it altogether.

Choose Your Repair Options

There are many ways to repair and restore commercial roofing systems. You can either have a single, specific spot patched up, or you can opt for a complete restoration of the roof. Some options for complete restoration include:

  • Adding a membrane: your commercial roofing contractor will recover your roof with an additional membrane (usually TPO roofing), increasing its lifespan and reducing the number of leaks you will suffer via rain and snow.
  • Roof recoating: if you have an EDPM roof, it can be recoated with another layer of rubber roofing material to extend its life. This could fix the issues that you’ve been having.
  • Repairs to problem spots: this can include broken or missing flashing, cracks, punctures, holes, missing membrane areas, etc. There can also be issues with the pipes or drains on your roofing system.

Consider Drainage Systems

If you are having issues with pooling water on your flat roof, you may have an insufficient drainage system. Even the newest, most high-quality roof can have issues if water is not being properly drained during heavy rain. Drainage systems allow water to seamlessly be removed from flat roofs before it is allowed to pool and cause issues. Make sure to have a roofing professional take a look at your drainage system to see if it is working properly. It’s also worth it to get up on your roof after substantial rain to ensure that there is no pooling water anywhere.

Getting Your Roof Repaired Today

Whether you are looking for a short-term fix or a long-term solution, make sure you get the repairs you need on your commercial roofing system done before they cause substantial interruptions in your business. Want a free quote on your commercial roofing repair? Contact the experts at Schmidt Roofing today.

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