Neutral colors are still in style and go great with nearly any home exterior. Shades of gray are certainly not run-of-the-mill colors, and they can make your home stand out in your neighborhood, especially if other homeowners haven’t caught on to this beautiful style!

Much like this recent home, a lot of the homes in this neighborhood had white siding (you can see some of these neighboring homes in the images below). We wanted to help this family redo their home while setting themselves apart from the block of white-colored homes.

Before the Renovation

This small, quaint little home had aged white siding and a sun-faded roof. One of its nicest features was a front staircase made of stone that continued up onto the side of the house. The soffit and fascia were also worn and in need of replacement.

How Schmidt Roofing Helped

We worked with the homeowners to help them choose a new siding color that complimented the natural beauty of the existing stone. The neutral charcoal coloring of the Edco Steel siding was a great match. This siding is resilient to harsh weather and, thanks to its Entex Cool Chemistry paint technology finish, the paint won’t chip, crack or peel. This siding material is also a great option because it can help reduce energy costs.

For new roofing, we went with Tamko Heritage Asphalt Laminated shingles in Thunderstorm Grey. These shingles are coated on both sides with weathering-grade asphalt and topped with ceramic mineral granules. They are extra-thick and provide years of weather resistance and protection.

To top off the project and complete this whole-home exterior renovation, we replaced the soffit and fascia, discarded the shutters, and added new wide white trim around the windows and corners of the home. All these little details helped bring the home into today without forgetting the past. And the door color didn’t change but doesn’t it just pop now?!

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