We recently answered the question of which color combinations work for a house’s siding, so today we decided to take this concept a step further.

Your siding is only a single part of your home’s exterior, and while choosing a color that you like is important, it must also fit in with the colors of the other exterior features of your home. From the roof to your shutters, window trims, and more, each feature’s color plays a role in the overall appearance of your home.

Choosing a series of colors that work well together can make a huge difference in the curb appeal of your home.

Do You Want to Stand Out or Blend In?

Where can you start looking for ideas? Take a walk around your neighborhood and check out what color palettes your neighbors have chosen. Many siding contractors in MN will tell you that midwestern homes, especially those placed near a lake, like to go with colors that reflect the natural look of the scenery around them.

Take note of what you like and dislike. Most importantly, decide if you want your house to blend in with the overall look of your neighborhood or stand on its own.

If you choose to stand out, make sure that you choose colors that complement, not clash with those of your neighbors.

Choose Your Primary Colors, then Add Accents

It’s always best to start with the two major features of your home: your roof and your siding. Once you have these colors chosen, you can work down to the smaller details (shutters, gutters, etc.) and add in some complementary colors for contrast.

You will find that different hues of blue and green are common in many Minnesota homes. You will also find that people like neutrals (gray, brown, and beige) because they open a home’s exterior to a variety of accent choices.

Just remember that you don’t have to stick with one color for your siding. Multi-color siding combinations are becoming more popular in residential homes, and it’s not uncommon to mix gray or blue siding with red or another complementary color.

Once you have your siding and roof colors picked out, you can choose to accent them with colored window shutters, trim, gutters, garage and exterior doors, and more.

Color Combinations

The list is endless, but some color combinations that go well together are:

  • Ivory (siding) + White (trim) + Aqua (doors and shutters)
  • Taupe (siding) + White (trim) + Olive Green (doors and shutters)
  • White (siding) + White (trim) + Black (doors and shutters)
  • Gray (siding) + White (trim) + Dark Blue (doors and shutters)
  • Yellow (siding) + White (trim) + Black (doors and shutters)
  • Red (siding) + Beige (trim) + Blue-Gray (doors and shutters)

Choose the Right Company

Color is important, and the right company can help you decide on a palette that can transform your home. At Schmidt Roofing, we help our customers find a set of colors that reflects their style and that of their homes. Contact us today for a free estimate on your next exterior project.

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