While there are many styles of windows to choose from, not all of them provide the same amount of light and airflow into/out of your home. It’s up to you to decide, based on your space, whether light or ventilation is more important. If you are looking into window replacement this year, consider the following information to help you decide on the correct style(s) of windows for your home.

Windows That Are Great For Natural Light

Natural light is important in your home because exposure to it has been shown to reduce stress levels. It also helps you cut down on your utility bills because your home will be well-lit without having to invest in fixtures and lamps.

If allowing a lot of natural light into your space is important, the best window options for you are picture windows. Picture windows are made of large, square, or rectangular panes of glass that offer a completely unobstructed view. Because they do not have crossbars or anything running across the glass, they offer the best source of natural light for any type of window. The drawback to these windows is they cannot be opened to allow air into the room.

Windows That Are Great For Air Flow

Setting up a good cross breeze in your home, where air can flow freely from room to room, is important because it replaces the old, stuffy air in your home with fresh air from outside. It can also help keep your home cool during mild summer days, saving you from having to run the air conditioner.

If having windows that allow for good ventilation is important to you, then you should invest in one of the following window styles:

  • Single/Double Hung
  • Casement/Hinged
  • Awning or Hopper

Although these windows are all open in different ways, they all allow for good airflow throughout your home.

Looking for Both?

Are you unwilling to sacrifice light or airflow? Sometimes you can have both. If you have the space, you can install a picture window with two hung or casement windows on either side of it. It will take up a fair amount of wall space, but you will have a great source of natural light and airflow in your room. If you are hesitant about losing the wall space, consider adding a window that ventilates well and then add a skylight for extra natural lighting.

There are plenty of options when it comes to your windows. With all the available styles, you can always find something that fits with your budget. If you are looking to get new windows this year and need some design advice, contact Schmidt Roofing. We can help you find the right windows for your home.

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