While many roofing contractors in MN will tell you that spring and fall are the two best seasons to get a new roof, roof replacement is not a seasonal project. While things like gutter cleaning and storm damage repair may have their on-and-off seasons, roofing repair and replacement is an all-year-round job.

Any Month, All Year Long

Whether your roof is leaking, you have suffered hail damage or time has just taken a toll on the materials, your roof simply needs to be replaced when it needs to be replaced. This can be daunting given the fact that we live in a state with snowfall. But not to worry, good contractors will know how to work in any season, even the winter.

If you are considering getting your roof replaced, here are some pros and cons of having the job done in each season.


Winter is generally the least common season to replace a roof, but it can be one of the best, depending on what type of roof you are considering.

The winter months can make it hard to install certain types of shingles because they become brittle and can crack during installation. However, if you are considering installing a metal roof, the winter is a great season to get the work done, even in Minnesota.

So long as there isn’t an active blizzard in your area, roofers can install a metal roof during any month of the year. Because many people don’t choose to have the work done in the winter, you are also less likely to have a prolonged wait time to have the work completed.


Fall is the prime season for roofers because the weather and temperature make it easy to get the job done. Homeowners like this season because it’s always nice to have a new roof put on a home in preparation for the upcoming winter season. However, you may be placed on a waitlist due to the large number of jobs that your roofing contractor may have on their schedule.


Spring and summer are also popular seasons for roofing installation, and it’s precisely when companies begin to pick up the pace after a slow winter season. If you get scheduled early, you likely won’t experience a long wait. Plus, it’s usually a good way to spend the extra money you get back from your tax returns.

Don’t Wait

Just because one season might be better than another for roofing installation doesn’t mean that you should put off getting a new roof when you need one. Faulty roofs can lead to leaking and a whole host of other home damages and issues.

You want to make sure that replacing your roof is a preventative, not reactionary, measure. Thankfully, you can get a free estimate on your roofing job by contacting our team today.

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