Is It Better to Repair or Replace Windows?

When residential windows become old and worn, many things can happen:

  • They can begin to let in drafts, increasing utility bills
  • They can become stuck when opening or closing
  • They can leak during heavy rain and snowstorms
  • They can frost over during the winter

When any of these things occur, you have two choices: repair your windows or have them replaced. Sometimes the choice is easy; there are times when windows simply cannot be repaired and must be replaced. Sometimes, the choice is not so easy and there are times where you may prefer to repair your windows.

Which decision is right for you? Find out whether you should repair or replace your windows this year.

When to Repair Windows on Your Home

There are only three scenarios where window repair is better than window replacement on your home:

  1. Minor damage to the window
  2. The window is very new
  3. Preservation of an old structure

The first two reasons deal with the age of the window and the extent of the damage to it has sustained. If your windows are rather new, it may be better to repair them (plus, you are likely still under a manufacturer’s warranty). Whether your windows are new or not, it’s always best to assess the damage to the windows before outright replacing them. It may be easier and more cost effective for you to replace a pane of glass or another window component if the damage that has been sustained is not too severe. Keep in mind that not all windows can be repaired. Some may need replacement if the damage is too extensive or the windows are far too old to work on.

The only other reason why window repair may make more sense than replacement is if your home has some historic value. If you want to preserve the historic value of your home, sometimes it’s better to repair the windows than taking them out and replacing them with something less authentic.

When to Replace Windows on Your Home

Excessive damage and age are the two most common reasons to replace windows. As much as people want to save on costs by repairing windows, there simply comes a time when the window needs to be replaced, and it can even be a better investment in the long run. Getting new windows will last longer than repairing older ones, and the windows will better seal your home and reduce your energy bills during the summer and winter months.


If you are uncertain whether your windows need to be repaired or replaced, contact Schmidt Roofing for a free inspection and quote on your home!


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