The Importance of Snow and Ice Removal

If you love the winter weather, the first snow is always a celebration, and seeing your house covered in icicles and snow probably makes you very happy. It may even make for a great photo, but letting that snow and ice stay up there for too long has its fair share of consequences.

Whether you have cedar shakes, asphalt shingles or metal roofing in Minnesota, snow and ice removal is essential during the winter months. Here’s a few reasons why you should make it point to have snow and ice cleared as soon as possible.

It Helps Avoid Ice Dams

When snow is allowed to accumulate on your roof for extended periods of time, it can continuously melt during the day and then refreeze overnight. This leads to the formulation of ice dams, which can put a lot of stress on your roof. It can also cause water to leak into your attic, which will eventually lead to mold growth once the spring hits.

In the worst case scenarios, accumulated snow and ice will exploit weak point in your roof, which could lead to holes or even the roof caving in at some points. While this is an extreme scenario, it can affect homeowners who haven’t had their roof replaced in decades.

It Protects Your Shingles

The combination of ice/snow and extreme temperatures will also wreck havoc on your shingles. Over time, moisture can seep into the shingles (especially wood shingles). When freezing temperatures set in, it can cause older shingles to crack and warp.

Many people try to remove snow by themselves with a rake or extended shovel, but by doing so, you are running the risk of damaging your roof. Even if no significant damage appears at first, you are likely still taking years away from the life of your roof.

It’s always best to leave heavy snow removal to a professional team. At Schmidt Roofing, our services don’t stop during the winter. Our teams specialize in roofing installation and repair, which makes them particularly skilled at the proper removal of snow and ice. They know how to get the job done quickly without damaging your roofing, siding or windows. Contact us today for a quick and free estimate.

Bonus Tip: The Benefits of Metal Roofing

Winter is the time of year when the benefits of owning a metal roof really shows that they are worth the investment. Metal roofs make it easy for snow and ice to be cleaned off the roof, and they are far more durable than wood and asphalt roofing materials!

house with snow on itwindows