While window replacement can take place at any time of year many homeowners choose to have it done in the spring and summer months. This is generally because the weather is nicer (and people are thinking about the exterior of their homes more often), but there are also many other reasons why it’s best to have your windows replaced before the summer is over.

If you’re thinking about getting new windows sometime shortly here are a few reasons why summer is the best time to have it done.

#1: It’ll Save You Money

One of the largest energy drains in your home is old windows. This is because old windows do a very poor job of insulating your home. Drafty windows may be annoying in the winter because they let cold air in, but in the summer, they are causing your air conditioner to work extra hard at cooling your home. This also places an extra strain on older air conditioners, which may need to be repaired or replaced if they are working too hard for months at a time.

Newer windows are also more energy efficient, which will save you money on your utility bills all year round. Replacing your windows will allow you to stop throwing money away every month.

#2: The Job Will Likely Get Done More Quickly

While windows can most certainly be replaced during the winter, it’s not guaranteed that window crews will be able to complete your project when temperatures dip and snowstorms blow in. This is especially the case in Minnesota and other Midwestern states. When temperatures dip far below zero, it’s simply not safe for window professionals to be outside working. Plus, you won’t want your windows taken off of your house for several hours in the middle of winter.

Book your window replacement in the summer when inclement weather is less likely to keep crews at home.

#3: You’ll Enjoy Them More

Windows get covered in snow and frost throughout the winter, obscuring your view of the scenery outside. Cloudy days and snowstorms also block out the natural light that windows allow into any space. When you replace your windows during the summer, you’ll have months to enjoy the clear views of your yard and the plentiful amount of natural light that enters your home on sunny days. Newer windows also help decrease the amount of noise pollution from lawn mowing and other landscaping projects, allowing you to enjoy the inside of your home more peacefully.

Ready to start your window replacement project this summer? Get in touch with Schmidt Roofing for a free project estimate.

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