Earth Day has arrived! As a roofing contractor in MN, we here at Schmidt Roofing are here to help you go green when it comes to your home.

Short of living in the woods under a pile of sticks, there is very little you can do to reduce your carbon footprint to zero, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make a positive impact on the environment while being a homeowner!

If you are looking to go green (or greener) this year, follow these eco-friendly homeowner tips.

Check Your Windows and Insulation

Every bit of air that seeps out of (or into) your home on especially hot or cold days has an impact on the environment. You can reduce the amount of energy you use throughout the year by preventing heated or air-conditioned air from escaping your home.

There are two major indicators of how well-sealed your home is: your windows and your insulation. By replacing old windows and properly insulating everything from your basement up to your attic, you will reduce your energy usage as well as the costs of your monthly bills.

Use Green Materials

Looking for eco-friendly materials for your roof and siding? There are a few materials that you can choose:

  • Wood: wood is a very sustainable option for your siding and roofing. It comes directly from nature, so you can’t get any more natural than that. Since it’s biodegradable, it also won’t negatively impact the environment after it is replaced.
  • Metal: metal roofing and siding may not seem like the natural choice, but it is very good for the environment. It lasts longer, which equates to less energy consumption from replacing it. Even if you have to replace your metal roof in your lifetime, you can rest easy knowing that steel is easy to recycle. It is the most recycled material in North America!

What About Brick?

Brick is a good option because it lasts for decades, but its manufacturing process consumes quite a bit of energy. The material (clay) bricks are made of come right from the environment, but it has to be baked at over 2,000F for several days before they are ready to be used as building materials.

Go Green. Get Your Estimate Today

Whether you are looking for insulation, window replacement, roofing, or siding services, Schmidt Roofing can help. We can help make your home a more sustainable, environmentally friendly place this year. Contact us for a free quote.

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