Choosing a Color for Your Roof

Color is one of the more fun decisions you get to make when choosing a roof. You will be happy to know there are a variety of colors to choose from whether you decide to redo your roof with asphalt shingles, cedar shakes, metal or any other material.

Where do you start when choosing a color? Take a look at your roof now. Do you think that the color you have perfectly suits your home? If so, then you are finished! If you want to make a change, here are a few questions and thoughts to help you make the best decision.

Does Roof Color Affect Your Energy Bills?

If you wear a black t-shirt on a hot, sunny day, you instantly feel less comfortable. That’s because black absorbs and retains heat better than any other color. On the other hand, white reflects light and stays cooler.

Does this concept translate to your roofing colors?

Yes, but not as much as you think. Black shingles absorb more heat, making them warmer on a really hot day, but unless you spend a lot of time walking barefoot on your roof, this shouldn’t be a problem for you.

Studies have shown that black shingles can increase attic temperatures by up to 10 degrees, while gray, brown and tan shingles will increase temperature by 2-3 degrees. These temperature increases may seem substantial, but they won’t have a massive impact on your energy bills (unless you run your air conditioner in your attic). If this were the case, you would see mostly white roofs filling residential areas.

If your attic is pouring warm air into your home, you should look into insulation and ventilation services.

Blend in or Stand Out?

Take a walk around your neighborhood to see what your colors your neighbors have chosen. If you want to blend in, choose a color that is similar to the houses around you.

If you want to stand out, choose something different. Just remember that there is a big difference between complementary and clashing colors. Some colors stand out and even enhance those around them, while others clash and stick out like a sore thumb.

Pick What Suits Your Siding

What color is your siding? Is it made from bricks, wood or vinyl? Remember that you can change the color of some siding without replacing it. Paint is relatively cheap, but you cannot (at least you shouldn’t) paint over brick.

If you cannot get a few sample shingles in your desired colors, paint a few woods boards with your chosen colors and place them next to your siding to see what matches.

Some Color Combinations to Consider

  • Black or dark grey go well on a white house
  • Brown or tan mixes well with cream, yellow or brown houses
  • Grays and black work well with a gray or blue house
  • If you have stone or brick siding, match your roof color with one of the tones in the bricks or stones

If you are still uncertain about color, ask your roofing contractors for help! At Schmidt Roofing, we have seen it all, and we can help advise you on what color will perfectly complement your home. Contact us today for a free estimate!

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