Depending on the type of materials used, your roof can last anywhere from 25 to 50+ years, especially if the materials are installed and maintained correctly over the years (asphalt shingles are on the low end of the lifespan, and metal roofing is on the high end). Unfortunately, some things can cause damage to your roof and shorten its lifespan. Luckily, situations like this are rare occurrences.

Here’s what can damage your roof and how the damage (if possible) can often be prevented.

Large Hail

In some regions of the country, especially The Midwest, hail can reach very large sizes. This is problematic for a roof because hail is composed of solid pieces of ice that drop from a high altitude. As they get nearer to the ground, they pick up speed, and anything that happens to be in their way will receive quite a punch from the impact. Hail damage is common and roof and is completely unavoidable. The best thing you can do is recognize the signs of hail damage and contact storm damage specialists to assess the damage after a major storm.

Tree Limbs

Tall trees that are planted near a house help to shield it from the sun’s harsh rays during the summertime. But they have to be trimmed back away from the roof to protect it. Otherwise, any dead limbs that happen to fall off could crash through it or rip a good portion of the shingles off. The only way to replace them is by hiring a roofing repair company that specializes in this type of damage. Always make sure to keep trees properly trimmed. Here’s a good rule of thumb: if a branch is drooping so low that it is pointing toward the ground, it should always be removed!

High Winds

When the shingles on a roof are first installed by a roofing repair company, they remain relatively inflexible and flat. This helps them to stay strong against the harsh winds of a bad storm. Over time, weathering and aging can make them more susceptible to coming loose (don’t worry, this takes decades). Those who live in areas where hurricanes and tornadoes are common have to worry about their roof being damaged by the wind the most. After a harsh storm, make sure to check your roof for missing shingles/

Heavy Snow

Snow can damage a roof because it is very heavy, especially whenever several inches of it accumulate within a short period. It is not uncommon for ice damage and leaks to occur during a severe blizzard. That is one reason why some homeowners hire snow and ice removal companies to help clear their roofs during the winter.

Animal Infestations

Large birds, squirrels, bats, and other animals can damage the surface of a roof if they build a nest and settle in for long periods. The damage they cause results from by animals constantly climbing all over the roof, and some make it a habit to chew on the wood or shingles, causing them to tear or the granules to fall away over time.

Nature plays a big part in roof damage, which is why much of it is unavoidable, but it’s important to take any preventative measures to ensure that your roof stays strong and protected no matter what the season. Remember to trim back your trees, have any critter problems handled quickly, and always hire residential roofing to inspect and repair them regularly.

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